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Suzan Chiacchio Brand

Being in nature is truly one of my favorite things.  Whether it’s camping out along a creek bed in Big Bend National Park, kayaking along the coastline of an island in the South Pacific, or just sitting on the front porch swing watching the bluebirds that nest in our yard, being outside is my favorite place to be.  Photographing and writing about these experiences seemed a natural progression.

I was born in Texas, grew up in Maryland, with a couple of brief stints in Arizona and New Jersey.  I had an interest in photography from a very early age, and was fortunate enough to have parents that were willing to help me nurture that interest.  When my brother and I were growing up, Mom and Pop filled our weekends with picnics and hikes through the local state parks, fishing at the nearby lakes, and my camera was always on hand.

At Goucher College in Towson, MD, I had a difficult time deciding on a major, and ultimately chose a double major of Dance History and Criticism, and Communications with an emphasis in Photography.  I loved professor Ed Worteck’s photo classes and enrolled in every one of them.  All of my projects had to do with nature, and one I was most passionate about was “The Vanishing Landscape,” in which I documented how civilization was encroaching upon my beloved landscapes - fields plowed over for new roads, a creek bed filled in for a new housing development, majestic trees destroyed in the name of progress - and so many other incidents that signified environmental catastrophes to me. 

I met my traveling companion and best friend, Randy, while I was still in college.  After college we vowed to travel the world and see all the amazing places we possible could.  Our trips since then have taken us to beautiful islands in the South Pacific, the wilds of the Western US, the gorgeous nature of Australia and New Zealand, and the amazing mountains and fjords of Norway, among countless others.  There is still so much to see.

We currently reside along the South Carolina coast, just a stone's throw from the quaint city of Charleston. Here we try to carve out time to enjoy kayaking the marshes, walking the beaches and camping along the rivers. There is a marvelous array of flora and fauna right here in our own backyard.

The images on this site are from our various travels.  Some of these images can be found in private as well as corporate collections as fine art prints. A few have appeared in various publications and calendars. If you are interested in any of the images you see on this site, whether for purchase or simply more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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